The full PCC meets every two months but in-between the meetings the various sub committees meet. They bring their recommendations to the full PCC.

There are six main sub committees but occasionally smaller groups will be formed for a specific project, especially for fund raising events, when other people will be brought in to help.

Standing Committee. Craig Bentley (Curate), Elspeth Jayne (Secretary), David Walker (Church Warden), Hilda Walker (Treasurer), Roy Watkinson (Church Warden), Angela Whittaker (Vicar & Chair).


Finance Committee (Fincom). Craig Bentley, Graham Day, Collin Mansfield, Nigel Mitchell  (Chair), Barbara Nelson, Hilda Walker, Angela Whittaker.

Fun & Fundraising Committee (Funcom) Hilary Atkinson, Craig Bentley, Elspeth Jayne, Jenny Kelly, Collin Mansfield (Chair), Marion Thornton, Mike Trelogan, David Walker, Angela Whittaker.

Fun raising

If you like to join us on the Fun & Fundraising Committee please get in touch, we always like new ideas.

Min com

Mission, Ministry and Outreach Committee (Mincom) Craig Bentley. Elizabeth Chandler, Graham Day, Marion Mashiter, Margaret Myers, Barbara Nelson, David Walker, Angela Whittaker.(Chair).

Church Building and Churchyard Committee (Fabcom) Craig Bentley, John Chandler, Tony Bontoft, Elspeth Jayne, Martin Jayne, David Walker, Roy Watkinson (Chair). Angela Whittaker.


Health and Safety Committee. John Chandler  (Chair), Nigel Mitchell, David Walker, Roy Watkinson, Angela Whittaker.